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Exactly how far IS the East from the West???
For some reason in my sometimes strange brain, every time I read or hear that scripture, I wonder about that concept. I mean really? 

What exactly is the stopping point of the East and the starting point of the West? 

In My world….this is the East. "East" being Florida's WEST Coast.

I know that Florida has a more Eastern coast than the one that I live on but my everyday East is the West Coast of Florida. This is our shoreline just a few days ago at Longboat key, Florida. 

As smooth as glass. Almost always calm and tranquil.

On most any day you can see your toes on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico as far out as you can walk into it.

This is the shoreline of Monterey Bay, California. 

and this...

and this...

and this.....

Hey, I could go on and on. I took so many pictures I ran my camera batter down.

We flew into San Francisco and drove Highway 1 into Monterrey Bay. All three of us were asleep by 9pm (12 pm our time) on Thursday night. Honey was up and about at 4:30 am yesterday, which of course was 7:30 am to his brain!

We spent the day exploring Monterey Bay, the Monterey Aquarium which is UNBELIEVABLE! We had lunch watching the kayaker's play with the otters and then headed out to travel the 17 mile shoreline drive from Monterey to Carmel.

WE ended our day in Carmel at dinner with Clint Eastwood at the "Hogs Breath Inn" (doesn't that sound appetizing?)...Well, Clint didn't show up but we enjoyed it anyway!

As far as just how FAR we have come form home, based upon our time in the air on Thursday, it is a REALLY LONG WAY!!!!! We were up at 4:30am EASTERN time to start our journey Over the Gulf, over Texas, over, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada. It was beautiful to see but a long flight. I drew the short straw between honey and Julianna and ended up BETWEEN honey and Julianna. She had the window seat, and my shoulder and he had the aisle, and my other shoulder! Both of them slept most of the flights. I on the other hand, could not move my head so I listened to pod casts for 6 hours!!

I have always wondered why I am not allot smarter with all of the teaching I have listened to and the books I have read. 

During our flight I was getting VISIONED UP by Andy Stanley. By the time we arrived I was ready to make an appointment with Governor “terminator” to help him fix things up in his beautiful state.

I had me some IDEAS but I still don't know how far the East is from the West. 

I do know it is REALLY, REALLY Far!! Praise His Holy Name!

Psalm 103:12
as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.


Blogger Jennifer said...

Those pictures made me miss it!!!! Glad you made it to the aquarium! It is unbelievable!!! Have a wonderful time!! Enjoy!



PS. I'm going to have to go back and visit Carmel!

I like to think as wide as the earth...and then some!!!

Beautiful pics!!!


Blogger Melinda said...

Those are some familiar sights there friend! Hope you are enjoying yourself IMMENSELY! Isn't it just gorgeous over there??

Looking forward (more than you know) to a catch-up conversation! :o)


Blogger Remodeling Guy said...

Looks great Mom! Can't wait to see more pictures!

Have fun!


Blogger angela3881 said...

If you go around the earth heading east, you never start going west. But if you go around the earth heading north, you eventually start going south. Someone pointed this out to me once that there is a reason why God chose "east from west" and not "north from south". Because it is infinite. Comforting, isn't it? :)

Blogger Pat said...

Jennifer, we are having so much fun doing some of the things you told us to do. Can you believe that you were here in the same places just a few weeks ago??
So beautiful!!

Blogger Pat said...

Beth and Angela,
So good! I have gotten so many emails about this post. Stirs up some thinking doesn't it!!??
Bless you

Blogger Pat said...

Catch up coming!

Blogger Pat said...

It would only be better if you were here!!!!

Blogger Kelli said...

THank the Lord, it's far enough to swallow up all my guilt and shame! Great word, sister.

Blogger Meems said...

Looks like you all are having great fun out West! Love those photos.See you when you get back.

Blogger TRUTH SHARER said...

Love the pictures! God's creation is beautiful East or West - and I'm thankful that all of my sin is that far from Him!

Choosing JOY,

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