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See You Soon!

I am actually enjoying a moment right now that is an example of one of the things that "Sweet Tea" is all about for me.

Enjoying the moment!

Honey has just provided me with freshly cut grass which I absolutely love but which does not last very long during these hot, rainy summer days.

Enjoy the moment!

I am sitting with my infamous glass of sweet tea looking OUT at the yard through the french doors of my air conditioned bedroom!! My youngest G-babies will arrive any minute for a swim in the pool.

Enjoy the moment!

I am making what will be my last post until the Fall, here at Sweet Tea. I have an assignment to finish that will take ALL of my extra SUMMER moments and a few of my NOT extra moments for the next 2 months.

Enjoy the moment!

I am going to be staying away from blog world for a short bit while I take some extra time seeking God for the next "season" of ministry and hanging out with my honey!!
I will be back in a few weeks but if you need me just email me at!!

Summer Sentiments
Sweet Tea, Suntan Lotion, Granddaughters with Ice Cream Cones melted all over the sides, Honey's fresh cut grass, Grandson's showing off behind boats, Sunsets at Longboat key, College daughters sleeping upstairs again, hamburgers on the grill, new grand babies, plans for shopping the Magnificent Mile, Road trips with girlfriends,
Finishing a Book Project that could ONLY be God!!!

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