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Savoring Sweet Spring, What we have left of it!!
The past few days have been so precious. Everyone around here knows that our Spring days are numbered, but for now, they are wonderful!! I have spent every single minute that I have possibly been able to squeeze out, savoring the breeze, smelling the gardenias, clipping things from my garden and popping them in vases around the house.

I love watching new things pop out each day, a surprise of color everywhere I look.

Seasons are like that, bringing change, spreading colors that demand our attention, buds that hold things inside not yet revealed. Surprises that almost always involve some clean up once they have been enjoyed and usually never last long enough.

Yesterday, I had some special time wandering about in my little backyard garden with one of my G-Boys.

Moving from place to place. Shade to sun. Rocker to swing.

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Now you tell me, WHAT could be better than this!!!

"If you get simple beauty and naught else, you get about the best thing that God invents"

Robert Browning

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"Let's Have A Tea Party G!!"
Apprehending Every Minute!!

Tastes and See that the Lord is Good!!!
Psalms 34:8

My precious little Granddaughter has a new ritual. Every time she comes to my house to visit (which praise God is often since they live practically around the corner!!) she is not here long before she states her request..................

"Let's have a tea party G"...She prances into the kitchen to begin to point out to me what she desires for this particular party. There has to be something chocolate, PB&J cut on the angle, pink lemonade and clothe napkins!

Oh and there must be china and flowers on the table!!!

My heart just bubbles with pride. She knows her T-Party etiquette. We sit at the dinning table, say a prayer, then SHE pours for both of us. Did I say all over both of us......well, she is learning.

I am so honored to be invited to Tea with my G-Girl and understand oh so well how quickly these special moments pass.

I pray that I am never too busy for Tea Parties, never too busy to capture these little memories on my camera and in my heart, and never too busy to stop and smell the pink lemonade!!
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Serious Business this ministry stuff!!
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The women who attended Fully Loaded were so awesome and all about getting everything that God has for them. It was such an honor to be together with them in Colorado!!
Thank you ladies for making our first "Fully Loaded" so successful and so very FUN!!
I hope to see and hear from each of you soon!

Hearts of Joy in Colorado
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Mending Hearts
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During the last of my 3 sessions on Thursday, I had the ladies mending hearts. It was precious time of God's personal love words for each of them. I fell in love with them as well. I hope some of you are reading this post right now!

Fully Loaded, a room FULL of God's Girls!!
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Colorado Springs Snowstorm
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I know that you guys have missed my "Sweet Tea" this past week. I have just returned from another new adventure in God with Lifeway.
After a VERY!!! did I say "VEEERRRY" rough flight into the Springs, I sat in a chair in the middle of the airport and cried. Hows that for a Faith Giant!! You all know how I LOVE to fly on airplanes, well this flight was from the dark side! I was so airsick that it took me all night after we arrived just to get my landlegs. I always kiss the ground (in my mind) upon landing but this was beyond kissing level. In any case, I have grown to accept my flight fright as part of my surrender to God. I recite every scripture that I know (and I make a few up) on every trip. It is good for me!
Our first day in Colorado was a bit of a blurr...did I say burrr??? Jayne and I arrived in Colorado Springs for "Fully Loaded" on Wednesday and awoke on Thursday morning to a snow storm. It was AWESOME!! I even managed to send a video on my cell phone to Honey and Julianna. I was so proud of myself. I am becoming a true "techie" (is that how you spell it?)
The day started a bit rough as none of my speaking supplies arrived by UPS as they were supposed to, in fact they NEVER got there. After a bit of a crash and burn, God got a hold of my heart again and I decided to trust Him to make it all work out.
He Did!! It was wonderful as my workshops were filled to overflow and had all the "fun" girls!! We had a blast!

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