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Hello 2013! So happy to see you!
As you can easily see, I have not posted on Sweet Tea for quite some time. I now have 4 active websites...go figure!

My personal ministry/web/blog at Pat Layton. Net This is where I post devotional type blogs and keep track of myself as I travel around this amazing nation, sharing Freedom and Truth with the women God  leads me to.

My post abortion recovery ministries: Surrendering the Secret and my JUST RELEASED new book "A Surrendered Life".

My national woman's conference: Imagine Me..Set Free. You just have to join me this year!! might imagine how all those cyber spots could keep me busy huh? HOWEVER< anyone who knows me know how many balls I can spin and how much I LOVE to spin them.

During this Holiday season I decided I really needed to restart Sweet Tea. First of all, I LOVE this blog. It was my first and is still my favorite. The name actually is the one thing in my life today that has remained the same, an unbroken chain, since my childhood. The one thing that has 100% SWEET memories and has never let me down---SWEET TEA!!

So, I decided this year I will post on Sweet Tea--my wanna be version of--Pioneer Woman Pat.

Home stuff.

No ministry. No preaching. No assignments or "callings" just cooking and decorating and being a Wife, Mom and G-Ma.

So, there may be only 1 or 2 friends who visit me here but I don't care, it will be my SWEET SPOT :); just for fun.

Let me know if you ARE visiting so that I can chat back.

Here goes some sweet fun..for me anyway :)


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